Continuing His Work

About six weeks ago, we scheduled a time to meet with The Cross radio station. The Cross generously volunteered to donate a portion of the funds raised during their fundraising week to the Smiles Park.  Unfortunately, our meeting was scheduled for three days after Benjamin passed away. The day before, I text the Civitian Club to see if they were still going. I think none of us really knew how to handle this, but deep down I knew that Benjamin would want this playground built, so I agreed to meet. At this point, I had no idea how I would be able to talk, or leave the comfort of my house and family, but I knew it’s what Benjamin would have wanted. 

Our time talking went well, until I was asked about the recent events.  I lost it for a moment, took a little time to breath, and continued on.  Though it was tough, I felt very proud to be able to help Benjamin continue his work.  Though Benjamin will never be able to enjoy The Smiles Park, it makes my heart smile knowing that so many other children will, and many of them will remember Benjamin because of it. šŸ™‚  

I left that day with a feeling of comfort that I didn’t have before. Whether it was getting out of the house, or doing what I knew Benjamin would have wanted, or the prayers and wonderful words of comfort and honesty I received from the radio station, I am able to look back and carry that with me knowing because of God and Benjamin, I am stronger than I think…strong enough to continue with his work. 


One thought on “Continuing His Work

  1. Thank you for sharing Benjamin’s message. You are so obedient to God and to His will. Benjamin is so proud of his Mom and all of the good work that is being done. May God continue to bless you & KC and your family.

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