Welcome Spring


 Yesterday was one month since our Little Buddy left us, and it felt like one month since the sun had peeked through the dark clouds. (Literally and figuratively)  Yesterday though, Benjamin offered another Beautiful Distraction on a day that could have easily left me feeling sad, depressed, and lonely. It was a day where it was too beautiful to lock yourself inside and feel sorry for yourself.  Instead, we spent all day outside making wonderful memories with the kids and focusing on our family. (And the reason why our house was a mess) 🙂



The girls and their friends spent part of the afternoon selling their old things (sorry neighbors), raising money for The Smiles Park. What a way to honor Benjamin on such a beautiful Spring Day.  

Today, I was able to take more donations to The Civitan Club. One month after our Little Buddy left, our wonderful friends and family have donated over $11,000. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about how generous people have been in Benjamin’s honor. 


One thought on “Welcome Spring

  1. I love the bunnies ! Just like the girls asked about ! I can’t wait for the Smiles park to be completed! I will be there in opening day ! Continue to pray for you all!

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