For Our Salvation

Dear Benjamin,

I was so blessed to be part of another retreat this weekend, but this time as a team member. I was there to serve others and in turn was served as well. It’s always nice to have quiet time with God, and a chance to recharge in my faith without the craziness of daily life. On that Holy ground is where I have a chance to listen, and so far, I always receive just what I need. 

There are things in our lives that can help us carry on, there are things in our lives that can motivate us, but there are also things that stick with us enough to change our lives on a daily basis. I once again received a life changing moment this weekend. 

Though we find ourselves “coping” appropriately I guess, I still have the occasional why questions? I believe it’s only human nature, and I find myself asking this question less and less, but it’s nice to finally hear a firm answer to a question that I already really knew the answer. 

Why do things happen in life that cripple us, why do things happen in our life that bring us to our knees, why must we experience such sadness and loss… Why do we not always receive the miracle we think we need? Because, as Father Marks says…

God gives us the “Healing that is most beneficial for our salvation.”  

This is such an amazing statement that I feel is so comforting in a time when questions can occasionally arise. It’s a reminder of what is truly important, not our time here, but instead our eternal life when I will be reunited with you again. Having my special angel in Heaven, makes me want to work even harder to be by your side again. 

Your sisters continue to miss you, each one dealing with things a little differently. Isla loves to talk about the good times with you, while Lennon is still a little sad to share her memories. Lennon has shown us a few times recently that she is fearful we might leave her as well, so hold her close and please whisper comforting thoughts in her ears.  

Rush apparently has nothing but great memories. A few months ago, while we were at Christ the King, I noticed your thank you note I sent after the funeral on a bulletin board. I held Rush up and showed him your pictures. His face immediately changed, and he pointed and started smiling and laughing. I immediately knew he remembered you. I pray he is able to hold on to those memories forever. 

Thank you once again for changing my life, and thank you for helping to lead me to the path that leads to you.