Kateri Annette

Dear Benjamin,

We hope you warned and prepared Kateri for this family before sending her our way :)…

Decamber 9th, Kateri entered this world healthy and screaming. You never really appreciate the screams of a newborn baby until you have one that doesn’t. She quickly gave me the scream that says, “I’m ok.”  I feel like she knew I couldn’t handle any pauses. You must have whispered that to her. 

Now, she is home, happy and …relatively safe ๐Ÿ™‚ since her big brother wants to love her to death. I hope you warned her. Rush loves and hugs on her and if you guard her in any way, he might toss a toy, narrowly missing her head. We also on occasion, find toys he has tossed her way into the crib hoping she will play. As rough as he can be with her, I am always amazed how he was always to gentle with you. 

 Having a new baby in the house is so exciting and fun, but even though I never expected a baby to replace the space you left, I also never expected it to make the space seem larger. I sit in a room surrounded by four amazing kiddos and I can’t help but think how it can’t be complete without you taking up your space on the couch. Last weekend, for the first time, did I realize how well our furniture is placed to perfectly fit your equipment for your perfect spot on the couch.  I am sure most people can’t imagine how you could feel anything missing in this house full of kids, but I do.  On the other hand, a blessing that comes from surviving the valleys is a true appreciation for the peaks…and everything in between.  My eyes are more open now to every moment I have with your siblings, and I thank you for that.  Things that I may have taken for granted before, are now special moments tucked away in my heart knowing that tomorrow on Earth is not promised.

   Kateri Annette was chosen for a few reasons. 1.  Kateri is a Native American Saint.  She became a Saint the year Benjamin was born. (Pretty special year). 2. One of our favorite nurses gave Benjamin a prayer card when she moved that was given to her when she was born since they shared the same name, Kateri. We never knew it was her middle name. (She was pretty special as well)  3.  Annette is my Mom’s middle name. We pretended to hate it during the entire pregnancy knowing we were going to choose that name. ๐Ÿ™‚ She cried. 


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