My Muse

Today I read and shared an old blog of Benjamin’s. They are always nice reminders of what’s important in life.  But sometimes they can make me sad realizing that Benjamin was such a muse for me and I feel as though I have lost many of my deep realizations without him. I feel sometimes I have lost my reason to write, and it’s easier now to get caught up in little daily issues. It wasn’t 10 minutes later after this feeling that I read, “Governor bans 2nd trimester abortions.”  Now, as much as I would like to get into that, I won’t at this time. What I do need to express are my feelings of the comments written below the story. 

Many comments filled the page of people saying “a woman should have the right to an abortion if there are problems with the baby.” Specifically, microcephaly was mentioned.  

Benjamin did not have microcephaly, but what these people are saying is “your child may not deserve a life.”  It crushes me to think… 1. You don’t think my child deserves a chance to live. 2. You think that abortion is an easier choice than to maybe, possibly give a little extra care for this child, and 3. They think they get to decide who is worth giving a life to and who can die.  

I KNOW that Benjamin accomplished more than many adults, brought more people closer to Christ, and has made us all examin who we are. I KNOW this should be all of our goals in life, it just took Benjamin only three years to accomplish it.  

And Benjamin is not the only one. I have worked with and met hundreds of families who would all agree with me.   We all know how special ALL our children are, and I have yet to meet a mom or dad of a kid with special needs who wished they would have aborted their child.   ALL of our children are special and if we allow it, they will make us better people. 

So sir or ma’am, who think my child’s life wasn’t worth it, I am sorry you didn’t get to meet my son, but hopefully the army of Christ’s followers he touched will change you.